Inspection Method Instruction and Skill Development

Global multi-discipline training courses deliver comprehensive content in a concentrated, highly-effective and time efficient manner, integrating the best of theory and practical application.

Disciplines include:

  • NDT Methods per ASNT guidelines
  • DROPS (Dropped Objects Prevention Scheme) Compliance
  • OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration)
  • Safety Compliance

Multiple Learning Venues

Classroom Training offers students the best in information transference through ample interaction with instructors, engagement in real-world hands-on experiences and high-impact exposure to standards based theory. Classes are available throughout the calendar year at regularly scheduled times at our Houston headquarters or can be specifically arranged to provide instruction at a location of your choosing.

We certainly believe that "one-on-one" time is a critical component in the learning process, so we intentionally limit class size to maximize instructor/student interaction. Consequently, the rule is "first come, first serve," so enroll early to reserve your place by calling 832.968.6880.

Computer-Based Training (CBT) is an interactive method of learning that provides a series of self-paced, hands-on, web-based courses available wherever there is an internet connection. CBT offers significant savings of both time and travel expense for those needing refresher courses, however, first time students lose the benefits of hands-on experiences, instructor interaction, and all evaluation examinations cannot be offered via the web.

Practical/Evaluation Labs provide the missing components associated with online training by offering one or two day opportunities for hands-on exposure and a full battery of the required test evaluations needed to fulfill training qualifications. Labs are regularly scheduled at our Houston location.

Each venue offers a unique way to deliver critical information. Consequently, Global courses have been designed for a wide variety of people and the demands that their diverse schedules dictate.

  • Technicians wanting to further their qualifications needing to minimize billable hours lost to training efforts;
  • Managers/engineers with oversight of third party inspection processes needing concise information that is immediately useful;
  • Employers with globally positioned employees requiring easy access to training opportunities; and
  • Individuals wanting to start a first or new career having to balance hours spent training and their current occupation.

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